Transformation is only a few breaths away

Regain the calm, energy and confidence you need in your life.

Have you recently been diagnosed with a long-term condition such as MS, fibromyalgia, ME, IBS, cancer or long Covid?

Are you feeling lost, hopeless and scared? Do you fear how the condition is going to evolve?  Are you anxious about treatment side effects?

Are you looking for a holistic and natural way to manage symptoms and energy levels so you can live your life confidently and happily?

Maybe you're in search of a simple and effective solution to help you manage the condition in your day to day live. You want to stop feeling sad, grumpy, frustrated and resume enjoying your life.

Change is possible

It’s my mission to help you take back control of your body and wellbeing and help you regain the calm, energy and confidence you need to live your life to the full. I’ll provide you with flexible, sustainable and fun solutions and strategies to better manage illness, pain and energy levels.

My question to you is this:

Are you ready to feel better?

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From Panic to Peace

Your first step into calming down and giving your body the best chance to heal.

This is for you if you’ve recently been diagnosed and feel like your world has been turned upside down or feel it’s a relief to finally know what’s wrong. It will help you regain the calm you need to start moving forward in a positive way.

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Take Back Control

Your first step into taking back control of your body and health and restore your wellbeing and happiness.

This is for you if living with a chronic illness, chronic pain or chronic fatigue remains a constant challenge in your daily life and leaves you feel there’s nothing else you can do anymore.


The Ultimate Wellbeing programme

A 12-week training to improve your wellbeing and regain your happiness.

This programme is for you if you suffer with a chronic illness, fatigue or pain. It is also suited for those who suffer from anxiety, overwhelm and feel they’re flirting with burnout.

  • I mainly offer sessions online, allowing you to enjoy sophrology from the comfort of your own home.
  • If you are based in Leeds and prefer face to face sessions, I’m happy to arrange sessions at the Tower Clinic in Cookridge.

    An additional fee will apply.

  • Not finding what you're looking for or would like to enquire about other services?

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