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Top 3 tips to set up your sophrology routine

Sophrology is a fantastic blend of Eastern and Western techniques. It’s flexible, adaptable and can be practiced on your own, anytime, anywhere in almost any circumstances.

However the best way to experience the benefits of sophrology is to practice on a regular basis. Setting up a 15-minute daily practice helps to integrate the exercises. This makes it easier to use them in daily life as and when you need them.

Below I am sharing my top three tips to build the new habit and set up your own sophrology routine.

1) Find the right time and place

In the beginning it helps build the habit if you choose a time of day and a place where to practice and stick to them. This is like making a daily appointment with yourself.

Personally I am a morning person. I love the quote from Louise Hay: “How you start your day is how you live your day” and I find it easier to give myself some time and space in the morning to start my day in the best possible way.

However if you are not a morning person or if you are excessively busy in the morning then this may not be the best time for you. Maybe a mid-morning, lunch time, after work or evening slot will work better. You need to find the time that is the most convenient for you and that is going to increase your chance to practice. Once you get in the habit of practicing daily you can start experimenting with different times of day.

It also helps in the beginning to find your space. I would recommend a quiet room with a pleasant atmosphere and free of clutter.

2) Start small and build it up

If you are panicking at the idea of finding fifteen minutes every day, then I suggest you start with two minutes. Sophrology has many dynamic and breathing exercises that can be done really quickly. This can be a way for you to start creating that habit and then you’ll build it up to 5, 10 and 15 minutes.

There may be days when you have less time and those days you’ll have a shorter practice and there will be days when you have more time and you might enjoy doing even more than fifteen minutes. There may be odd days when you do not practice at all. Don’t beat yourself up, but remember that two minutes is better than no practice at all.

3) Take the decision and stick to it

Ultimately it is your choice whether you commit to it or not. If you are reading this article ask yourself why in the first place you want to learn how to build up a sophrology routine. Do you want to improve your wellbeing? Do you want to regain balance and harmony in your life? Do you want to feel better?

And ask yourself how important this is for you. What is the cost of not practicing? Can you afford not to dedicate fifteen minutes of your day to yourself and to your own wellbeing?

On the days where you feel de-motivated or you think you don’t have the time, remember when you took the decision. Remember your objectives, your goals and why they are important to you.

The thing is, the more you practice the better you will feel. And feeling good is addictive. As you start noticing that you are feeling calmer, more resilient and more balanced, those fifteen minutes a day will become non-negotiable. You will see the daily routine not as something difficult to fit in, but a precious investment to improve your daily wellbeing and quality of life.

If you would like to know more about sophrology and how it could help improve your wellbeing get in touch or book a free consulation

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  1. Julie D on October 31, 2019 at 1:53 pm

    Great read! Thanks for the useful tips!

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