The Happy Practice Club – The basics


The main principles

This video reminds you of the main principles to keep in mind when practicing a session:

  • reconnecting with the body
  • no expectation or judgement
  • welcoming and integrating positive as much as possible
  • adapting session to your needs and abilities

The systems

In some sessions I'll divide the body in 5 parts and call those parts systems.

  • System 1 - head and face with integration point on the forehead
  • System 2 - neck, throat, shoulders, arms and fingers with integration pain at the base of the throat
  • System 3 - chest and upper back with integration point on centre of the chest
  • System 4 - belly and lower back with integration point on the solar plexus (2 inches above belly button)
  • System 5  - lower part of the body with integration point on the lower abdomen (2 inches bellow belly button)
  • System 6 - whole body with integration point on belly button

Key steps to a sophrology session

Sophrology is very flexible and adaptable. The important is to find the combination of exercises that work for you and do them in the order that benefit you. As a general rule, a sophrology session includes

  • An exercise (or set of exercises) that help you get into a relaxed state (often a body scan, but sometimes breathing or dynamic exercises too)
  • Pauses after the exercises to welcome and integrate sensations
  • A time to come back to the normal state of awareness
  • Writing and / or sharing the experience