Take Back Control

You have more power than you think over your body and health

Your first step into taking back control of your body and health and restore your wellbeing and happiness.

Have you come to terms with the diagnosis but does living with a chronic illness, chronic pain or chronic fatigue remain a constant challenge and leaves you feel hopeless and stuck?

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At times it can be isolating, frustrating and so painful. Some days you feel like you’ve had enough and you just want to throw in the towel, feeling depressed and powerless.

Not being able to do what you want to do and how you’d like to do it is infuriating. Sometimes you manage to push through but you pay the price big time in the following days.

You keep comparing yourself with how you used to be and what you used to do. You’re scared as soon as you feel a new symptom and always worry that it’s only going to get worse. You feel guilty because you can’t take care of your family the way you used to. But sometimes you feel you’re not getting the support you deserve and people are not understanding what you’re going through. You’ve stopped making any plans and the constant question is how can I cope.

It’s time to take back control of your body and health and restore your wellbeing and happiness.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You feel powerless and stuck
  • You fear it will only get worse.
  • You’re frustrated and sad of not being how you were anymore and feel limited in your everyday life
  • Although you may have support from friends and family, you feel isolated and lonely
  • You’ve tried everything and you don’t know anymore how to cope

You're ready for a change and would like someone to help you.


Hi I’m Audrey.

I understand how you feel and what you’re going through. I work with persons just like you who have been living with a chronic illness/ condition for several years. Persons who feel hopeless and stuck and desperately want to feel better.

  • Do you wish you could feel more in control of your physical and mental health?
  • Do you wish you’d wake up in the morning feeling happy and positive about the day to come?
  • What if you could start managing your pain and energy levels better?

Let me tell you what I believe is possible for you

I believe that it’s possible to reconnect with our body by using simple strategies and exercises. Exercises that allow us to release unnecessary tensions and be more aware of when we can push and when we need to stop, helping us live a more balanced and happy life on a day to day basis.

I also believe that it’s ok for all of us to have bad days but that we have a tendency to beat ourselves up about it or slip into victim mode and make things worse by keeping a negative outlook on life. It’s in our power to change that.

As a result of Take Back Control you’ll start reconnecting with your body in a positive way and start regaining a positive outlook on life.

“I feel empowered and that’s it’s OK to take ownership of my health. There are things in my control that I can do to feel better or have a positive effect. When I was hit by a major personal upset, without realising, I put into practice the information and techniques you shared and taught me. It minimised the stress flare up and let me feel at peace despite the turmoil of the situation. Practicing Sophrology has allowed me to reduce pain medications and reduce side effects from others. It has also helped my brain fog moments and I feel much more switched on and aware.”


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Take Back Control includes

  • The Full Picture Assessment

    This is a pre-session questionnaire to assess your current symptoms and health history. It provides invaluable information to identify which areas you need most support with at the moment. The assessment will help me get clear on what exercises to prioritise for our session.

  • The First Step - Sophrology Session

    This is a 90-minute Zoom session where we’ll start with a summary of the information you submitted in the questionnaire before diving into a Sophrology session bespoke to you to help you start taking back control of your body and health. I’ll explain all the exercises before I start the guiding. After the guiding I’ll explain to you the steps you’ll take over the next two weeks

  • The Happy Practice Support Materials

    After the session I’ll send you mp3 recording and a handout of the exercises as well as detailed instructions on how to implement your own practice. You’ll have everything you need to successfully implement the exercises in your own daily life. If you have any questions or difficulties during the two weeks I’ll continue to support you via email.

  • The Next Step - Maintain The Happy Practice

    Two weeks later we’ll reconnect for 30 minutes to check how you feel and to celebrate your new ability to regain peace anytime you want. I’ll also offer suggestions to carry on your path to wellbeing and how to sustain your practice.


It is possible to manage your condition more positively and implement small changes which will have great effects on your health and wellbeing.

I’ll help you start reconnecting gently with your body and teach you how to manage pain and energy levels.

Are you ready to get started?


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

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    Once I've received your questionnaire we’ll schedule our session and meet to get you started on your path to peace.
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    Then, we’ll book the follow up session and celebrate your results.