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Stress Management

How Sophrology can help you

When do you feel stressed?

Do you know that small levels of stress increase performance? The problem is when it gets out of control.

Think about a stressful situation. Are any of the factors below involved?

  • Change / Novelty  – experiencing a change in your circumstances (positive or negative) that is causing stress and anxiety?
  • Unpredictability – has something completely unexpected happened? Something more to add to your current life that you really didn’t need.
  • Lack of control – do you feel the situation is beyond your control?

How can sophrology help?

We are going to work towards your capacity to manage stress and negative emotions.

You will learn how to recognise a stress reaction at physical and emotional levels and how to quickly use simple techniques to counteract that reaction.

With practice and training you will develop your personal capacities

  • to feel calm and release tensions;
  • to keep a clear and focussed mind;
  • to be resilient;
  • to feel positive and strong in face of challenges.

Ultimately you will feel in control of your body, mind and emotions and you will regain balance, calmness and harmony in your life.

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Sophrology includes some breathing exercises which are particularly helpful to release tensions and feel calmer.