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Sophrology is a relatively new therapy in the UK which is becoming increasingly popular as an effective workplace solution for reducing stress, tension and work-related ailments such as RSI and back pain.  Developed in the 1960’s by neuro-psychiatrist, Professor Alfonso Caycedo, Sophrology is a well established method across Europe for improving mental health, maintaining focus and performance, and reducing chronic pain.  Now, with its growing popularity in the UK, Step into Sophrology receives many queries about what this method is and how it can work for them and their staff. So what is Sophrology…?

About Sophrology 

Sophrology uses a holistic approach to wellbeing which draws the best from both Eastern and Western health treatments, including a combination of mindfulness and mediation techniques, yoga, breath work and simple exercises.  Together, these practices can be directed at specific issues, or become part of a daily routine to maintain a sense of calm and increase self-confidence.  As a treatment, Sophrology can help to alter our response to certain stressors, and for this reason is an effective tool for tackling common work-related mental health issues.

Importantly, one of the key messages of the Sophrology is that of accountability – that one is responsible for one’s own health, encouraging those who practice it to take responsibility  for their own wellbeing – possibly also why employers find it to be an effective addition to their battery of stress-busting tools.  Sophrology is designed to be integrated with our busy lives as part of our daily routine, and with that, can offer a long-term solution to problems  which may ordinarily cause issues around performance at work.

Sophrology and Work-related Stress

With ever-decreasing budgets, many employees find themselves under greater pressure to perform across a wider scope of roles; however, with only 23% of employees reporting that their employers actively promote wellbeing initiatives, many employees feel unsupported. ln our current work climate, almost half of all sick leave is attributed to work-related stress and mental health issues; and whilst some employers offer Employee Assistance Programmes, such services may not be used by those most in need of it, due to a reluctance on the employee’s part to be seen to be ‘struggling’. 

Sophrology sessions can complement your existing staff programs, delivered in short workshop sessions in-house for anyone keen to learn techniques to improve their confidence and mindset as part of your commitment to your staff wellbeing.

RSI and Back Pain

Research on Back Pain at work suggests that as many as 33% of UK employees have taken leave for back pain in the last year with an average of 12 days lost each year, reported to be as a result of sitting for long periods of time at their desk.

Through improved body-awareness and access to practical solutions, Sophrology can coach employees to avoid some of the pitfalls of an environment which requires repetitive – or restricted – movement throughout their working day.

Performance Anxiety

From performance reviews to presentations at management level, we can all experience trying times where anxiety takes hold. By reducing stress and inducing a sense of calm and focus, Sophrology can help to improve the confidence and performance of your workforce.

About our Sessions

We can deliver your workplace sessions in-house, after or during work hours (usually lunchtimes) for anyone who wishes to attend. We can equally deliver sessions online.  Sessions can be held once or twice a week – at times suited to your employees’ work hours, to allow everyone the opportunity to attend at their convenience.

“Through simple exercises, relaxation, breathing and meditation techniques, your workforce can learn ways to improve their wellbeing over each 30 minute Sophrology session, returning to their work, refreshed and focused.”

From an employer’s perspective, our workshops have far-reaching benefits, as employees are instructed on how to practice in their own time, and integrate their learning with their everyday lives.

Benefits of Sophrology in the Workplace

  • Increased wellbeing of your staff through stress, tension and chronic pain relief
  • Effective wellbeing tool as part of your induction package
  • Improve staff accountability for maintaining their own wellbeing
  • Practical help for your staff to reduce the effects of chronic pain and RSI issues.
  • Workshops delivered in-house
  • Requires no equipment or materials [or equipment and materials provided]
  • Easy booking process

Find out more about our Workplace Sophrology Sessions

Get in touch  to create a programme which allows your staff to learn and practice the techniques as a group, at times to suit your business.  We also provide guidance on applying the techniques to specific issues which your staff may have. An evaluation is given at the end of each session, provided to you at the end of the trial period.

Whether you are looking to promote staff wellbeing at work, or simply wish to give your employees a morale boost, Sophrology offers an effective stress, tension and pain-relieving technique to help your staff maintain their physical and mental health.

Want to know more? Get in touch for an informal chat about how we can help you to create a healthier, happier workforce.


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