+44 (0)7539 524 393

The Tower Clinic, 8 Tinshill Lane, Cookridge, Leeds, LS16 7AP

+44 (0)7539 524 393

The Tower Clinic, 8 Tinshill Lane, Cookridge, Leeds, LS16 7AP

Is stress starting to negatively affect your life?

Experiencing small amounts of stress in our every day lives is actually a good thing. Stress is a biological response to a perceived threat and the fight or flight response has allowed our survival for millions of years. However, in our modern lives STRESS has become the ENEMY NUMBER ONE, because we are experiencing too much of it.

Are you the type of person who constantly multitask and love to take on new projects. You like organising everything and you absolutely love what you are doing. There is no doubt  you are 100% dedicated and committed to your work and / or your family. You are the overachiever in the workplace, always delivering on time and way above your boss’ expectations. You are the heart and soul of your household, making sure everything is down to a tee, that everything is always running smoothly.

But is this 100miles per hour lifestyle starting to take its toll?

Do you feel constantly under pressure? Are you feeling drained but unable to relax? Have  you started to notice some discomfort or physical pain in your body? Do you feel your mind can never never stop?  Have you noticed a decrease in your performance? Are you suffering from loss of concentration and memory?  Is your work / life balance completely out of the window? Have you started to suffer from insomnia?

If the answer is YES to some of the questions above then DON’T WAIT.

Take action to manage your stress levels right now before you reach burn out.

Are you looking for a solution to regain balance, confidence and harmony in your life?

I can teach you SIMPLE exercises to instantly FEEL CALMER and RELEASE TENSIONS. I can help you bring back BALANCE and HARMONY in your daily life and manage your ENERGY LEVELS. You can learn EASY tools to RELAX and increase your PERFORMANCE and RESILIENCE.

Are you already in burn out?

Burn out happens when high levels of stress have been sustained far too long and your adrenal glands give up.

One day you collapse and despite ALL your will to carry on, you just CAN’T. It feels frustrating, incomprehensible and most of all frightening. All of a sudden you cannot accomplish the simplest tasks. Going food shopping or picking up the kids from school is too much.

Would you like to recover your energy levels and resume enjoying your life to the full?

It will take time but I can help you deal with the fatigue and stress levels. Together we will aim at restoring your ENERGY LEVELS and increase your PERFORMANCE. You will learn SIMPLE and EASY exercises to help you RECHARGE and especially help you manage your stress levels to never fall into burn out after your RECOVERY.

Step Into Sophrology is a proud partner of La Bulle de Repos.

La Bulle De Repos logo

Set in a beautiful remote location in the centre of France, La Bulle de Repos is your perfect getaway to switch off, restore your energy and start getting back on your feet. The centre  specialises in helping people who are in burn out. They offer various retreats and programmes. At the end of the programme you will get an action plan and you can carry the work started there with a partner sophrologist in the UK.

Pause, focus and enjoy your life

Are you ready to take your first step into wellbeing and discover how to live a fuller and happier life? Do you want to feel empowered and learn exercises that will last you a life time?

Free video series where everyday I will share a simple exercise to help you restore balance, calmness and confidence in your life.


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