Finding Purpose In Life After IVF Struggle

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Anna’s success story and her personal development journey with sophrology


My mission is to transform lives.

Of course as a sophrologist I cannot guarantee any results. My role is to offer people the opportunity and space to reconnect with themselves so they can address their issues and uncover their own resources to positively deal with those issues.

In that process they often discover who they truly are. The journey they take  is theirs alone. As I always say, they own their experience.

When I see someone’s live transform over a few weeks I can’t help being touched. Working as a sophrologist  is a real honour and  privilege.

Here is the story of Anna’s personal development journey and her finding of her life’s purpose after struggling with IVF.

Her transformation was so profound that she’s now training to become a sophrology practitioner.


Are you comfortable to share why you came to see me? Which issues you wanted to address?


I came to see you as I felt I was at a cross roads in my life. I wanted to leave behind a difficult and stressful year (due to ivf), accept that that had come to an end and look forward to the future, focusing on finding my purpose and looking at a new way that I could work therapeutically with clients in the future.

I also wanted to connect with my body again as I felt it had been through a lot and that I had dissociated with it to an extent.


What changes have happened since our work together?


I feel I have truly connected with my body, I have begun to see health in a more holistic way and now am very mindful of all the factors that contribute to my health in my life. I feel I have the tools to calm down my whole body when I begin to feel stressed and as I’ve worked on all this, so many other aspects of my life are becoming more positive since I feel that I am always looking to move towards more positive experiences and a more positive way of being.

Now I feel that self care is very important to me and I see that taking care of my well being has become a priority to me. I feel much happier throughout my day and I feel that with sophrology, I will continue to make small changes in my life that contribute towards building a lifestyle exactly how I would like it.

I don’t feel anxiety about my future now or my life purpose; I feel confident that with the steps I’m making now all this will come in time. Now, I’m just focused on enjoying the present and being in the present!

Through our work I have seen what sophrology can do and I truly believe in it so now I’m ready to explore my own journey with being a practitioner in sophrology .


What do you like best about Sophrology?


I like that it is a very gentle approach. It makes you feel good and by focusing on positive sensations you see that so many positive things happen in your life!


What about working with me?  What do you like and what should people know?


I like that you are very empathetic, listen carefully to what I say, you carefully cater the session to what I need on the day and I feel that you truly care.

I feel you listen very carefully to what someone needs and you come up with many different and interesting ways to help them during a session. I like that the session is different each time and has a mixture of breathing, visualizations and more practical exercises. I found many of the visualizations very interesting, creative and really loved them!

I think that people should know they can trust you, can confide in you, that you are very professional and have confidence that you will find the right way in each session to help them.


Are you ready to transform your life?

If you’d like to experience the transforming power of sophrology I’d love to accompany you on the journey. I offer a range of services for people suffering with chronic illness, pain and fatigue. I also offer services for people in overwhelm, chronically stressed or anxious who want to avoid burnout.

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