From Pain to Peace - Online Sophrology Course

From Pain To Peace - Your First Aid Kit For Flare-Ups - Sophrology Online Course

Do You Live With a Long-Term Illness That Flares-up?

Fibromyalgia, IBS, Endometriosis, Auto-Immune Disease, Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue...

You don’t want your life DICTACTED and LIMITED by your condition anymore. Instead you want to function NORMALLY each day and ENJOY doing the things you love.

But you don’t know HOW TO MANAGE your pain and energy levels and you often burn and crash, going from one FLARE-UP to the next.


Have you noticed a link between your flare-ups and your stress levels?

Do the flare-ups tend to follow an emotional upset or a period of stress and anxiety?


Join 'From Pain To Peace' online course so that you no longer feel like a PRISONER in your own body and learn to regain the CALM, BALANCE and ENERGY you need to feel IN CONTROL again and to ENJOY LIFE.

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Does this sound familiar?

✨ You’ve reached a point where you wonder whether this is it. Will it ever improve or will it only get worse? It’s a constant worry in your mind.

✨ Most of the time you feel frustrated, angry, or sad. And because you can’t sleep at night, or even when you do you never feel refreshed, you’re utterly exhausted. 

✨ You struggle to do the things you love doing, whether it’s your job, your hobbies, spending time with loved ones. You’re feeling more and more isolated and lonely. You may even feel guilty or you’re a burden because you can’t do as much as you used to.

✨ It’s like your whole life is dictated by your condition. It’s always there and never gives you a break. 

✨ You dread the next flare-up or relapse because you don’t know how long it will take to get back onto your feet or whether you’ll be left worse afterwards.


What you’d love:

✨ Be in a place where you feel in control and your condition, fatigue or pain does not dictate as much what you can and what you can’t do.

✨ Be able to manage your pain and energy levels better so that you can do more in your day and enjoy the things you love without crashing.

✨ Feel more secure in yourself, in your body and mind. Reconnect with your strengths and regain a positive mindset.

✨ Learn the tools to feel more balanced, energised and uplifted.

✨ Be able to incorporate a sustainable practice into your life that makes a real impact onto your well-being.

What You're Going To Learn


From Pain To Peace - What you're going to learn

This Online Course Is Your First Step To Learn How To Avoid And Manage Flare Ups.

  • Gently and positively reconnect with your body.
  • Learn simple sophrology exercises to incorporate in you daily life to regain calm and release tensions
  • Implement effective strategies to manage pain and energy levels
  • Feel more positive and confident about your ability to support your health and well-being


This online course includes four sophrology sessions.

Sessions 1 and 2 focus on calming down and include a mix of breathing exercises, gentle body movements and visualisations.

Session 3 is focused on releasing tensions in different ways.

Session 4 is to help calm down a particular part of the body (it could be the whole body) when it's unwell.


To aid your training you've got access to audio recordings of separate exercises in addition to recordings of the full sessions and you get an editable weekly planner.


Sophrology is a uniquely structured mind-body practice combining Western relaxation and Eastern meditative techniques. It consists of gentle body movements, breathing exercises, concentration and positive visualisations. 

Most importantly it’s very ACCESSIBLE and EASY to incorporate in your daily life. 

You can always adapt the exercises to suit your physical needs. You don’t need prior experience to attend this course and no special equipment, except finding a quiet space where you can do your session.

Sophrology is not a magic wand or a cure. You experience benefits from regular practice. The journey is yours.

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"You were very kind, patient and open. You made me feel safe and not rushed throughout the sessions. I let go of my self conscious issues and just opened myself up to the experience because how you adapted and guided with no judgment.” Heather

“I love your approach: flexible and responsive but consistent and supportive.” Alison

“I like how real you are. How you guide from your heart and own experience”. Kate

“One thing I really liked about Sophrology is how you can pick and choose different exercises that work best for you. And how you can adapt them on how you feel on the day. Audrey delivered the sessions at a very relaxed pace and she’s got a wonderfully soothing voice.” Jayne

Audrey Zannese

Hi, I’m Audrey, nature lover, sophrologist and MS warrior.

Sophrology helped me overcome MS by first helping me to manage my stress levels which always linked to relapses and flare-ups.

With regular practice I felt more confident and positive and I started enjoying my life in a way I had never done when "healthy".

The truth is a little practice on a regular basis can have a BIG impact on our wellbeing and I'd love to show you simple techniques you can implement right now to improve your health.

When you click on the 'Buy now' button you'll be re-directed to the online course platform to process the payment.

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