How 15 years of sleep deprivation disappeared with only 5 sophrology sessions

15 years of sleep deprivation resolved with 5 sophrology sessions

I recently worked with Jan (Wharfedale Pilates) who suffered from sleep deprivation for fifteen years.

It all started when Jan became a mum. Every parent knows about the sleep deprivation suffered in the first months after having a baby, which can continue as they grow into toddlers. Our brains are wired to respond to our children’s needs both day and night, leading to a lighter sleep and greater sensitivity to sound – especially at night.

However, many of my clients present with sleep problems long after their kids have grown up. Somehow they cannot get back into the pattern of sleep they had before giving birth. 

Jan was one of them. She used to be a great sleeper but never managed to regain a full night’s sleep after she had her baby, but she carried on. However, Jan started to notice that her sleep problems were aggravated each time she faced a stressful situation. The vicious cycle of worrying about her lack of sleep combined with stress further exacerbated her sleep patterns, and her low energy levels began to impact heavily on her life.

When she first got in touch with me and explained how long she had been suffering from sleep issues, I initially thought it might take at least ten Sophrology sessions to restore her sleep. Long-term sleep problems can take time to treat.

However after a thorough initial consultation, what became apparent was that her sleep problems were inextricably linked with stress. For instance she realised she was sleeping better when she was on holiday. I therefore created a bespoke Sophrology program focusing on a mix of exercises to help her reduce her stress levels, giving her tools to switch off and re-balance body and mind. I also worked on some sleep exercises and visualisations to help her fall asleep at night when she would wake up.

Jan understood the need to practice her Sophrology exercises on a regular basis, and from day one, committed herself to the process by creating a practice routine and listening to the recordings. She soon became independent with the tools taught in our one-to-one sessions.

In less than two months and with only five sessions she had recovered her sleep, with resulting increased energy levels, and feeling back to her ‘old self’ after so many years. She couldn’t believe she was sleeping full nights again and to be honest I was as astonished as she was as to how quickly her sleep improved.

Now Jan keeps on practicing regular breathing and dynamic exercises and she knows how to regain balance and harmony when she faces a stressor. Her body has integrated that capacity and she can recover her sleep anytime. She has recordings and handouts she can access anytime she needs to and she knows what to do.

This success story shows you that it is possible to regain a healthy sleep pattern in as little as five Sophrology sessions, providing you are committed to invest time in your wellbeing and practice on a regular basis.

If like her you are suffering from insomnia and would like to discuss your issue get in touch.

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