Getting Back on Track: How to Shape Good Habits with Sophrology

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We can all be adepts at procrastinating – even when we know that what we are putting off is ultimately good for us.

That’s exactly where I was in the last couple of weeks. So it does happen to practitioners too. After all, we are all human beings!

For a couple of weeks the thought of listening to a particular recording kept popping into my mind. 

Now, those who work with me know I am a big advocate of self-guiding. Of course I do provide recordings and handouts to clients to aid them with their personal training, but my advice is always that they wean themselves off the recordings. I ask them to establish a time and place of day to practice their Sophrology session and I invite them to listen to themselves and decide which exercises are best for them on that day. 

For two weeks I had become pretty good at ignoring that message. The thought of the recording came back again and again but yet I would not listen to it. 

So I took the firm decision to do it during the Bank Holiday weekend. Surely I would have the time then…?  But guess what! Saturday went by and I didn’t find the time. Sunday went by and I didn’t find the time. Monday morning arrived; I prepared the space where I practice, got my computer out and realised that I had forgotten to put the laundry on… After that small distraction, I went back, turned on the computer and decided I needed a cup of tea; pouring my cup, I remember the plants needed watering, and so it went on…

As I left the office it struck me! Finally I became conscious that I was resisting doing that session. When I lay it out like that it is obvious to you isn’t it? But believe me I had no idea until then. I was on auto-pilot, with my mind inventing mundane tasks I ‘had’ to do. 

Becoming conscious of my procrastination was the first step to overcoming it; here is what I did and what I recommend you do when it happens to you. I hope that by sharing this I can inspire you to resume or carry on with your own practice or other activities which you are ‘putting off until tomorrow’.


Be Mindful in your Procrastination!

So what did I do when I noticed I hadn’t watered the plants? Well I actually watered them, but I did it mindfully. Being in my sensations as I was walking from plant to plant, hearing pouring water, admiring the plants, while at the same time being aware of my breath. Just being in the moment was the first step to switching off my brain. 


Use Sensation to Stimulate your Body and Ground Yourself

I knew that as soon as I sat down and hit the play button, my mind would start racing again and I would not make the most of that session.  So I started with a dynamic exercise to get ‘into my body’. If you are wondering what dynamic exercises why don’t you join one of my free monthly sophrology sessions to find out?. 

I choose ‘The Puppet’ which is an exercise where you bounce up and down, or even jump if you wish to. That’s one of the best exercises to heighten sensations throughout the body. After this technique I did a tension release exercise to get rid of all of my blocks.

I could then sit down, listen to my recording and be in the session. Because as soon as I sat down I was in my sensations. I could feel my heart beating, my breathing quickening, as I was guided through a body scan, I could feel a little bit of sweat forming (I did jump up and down for a good minute!). 

And this is why Sophrology is so great. I think that differentiates it from other types of meditative practices. We have all those dynamic exercises which we can use to get into the body and help the mind switch off. And because Sophrology is so flexible we also use the dynamic exercises after a body scan, sometimes with another intention. It’s really amazing how adaptable it is. 

It was an emotional session. Maybe a part of me knew it wouldn’t be easy and that’s why I was resisting it. At the same time it was really powerful and lead to a great sense of relief. After the session I felt lighter and so grateful. I kept wanting to say thank you, mainly to myself for doing this for me. I was filled with gratitude and I knew that something shifted deep within me. 

I went on having a very good week and have been back to practising every day since. Back on track with my great habits!

So if it ever happens to  you remember this:

1) Become aware that you are in resistance, acknowledge and accept it

2) Get into your body so that you can switch off your mind – listen within 

3) Make a conscious decision – do what’s right for you here and now


Why not give sophrology a go?

Get short and simple practices to find your inner calm and discover how to take back control of your body and health.

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  1. Marlies Grindlay

    I use the puppet too to relax and ground myself before listening to a session
    Resonates with my avoidance techniques too…

    1. Hi Marlies, the important is to be aware then you can adapt to make it work for you. Thank you for your comment 🙂

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