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Event Preparation

How Sophrology can help you

Preparing for an exam, audition, interview or public speaking?

Haven’t we all been there?
You have this important day for which you have prepared but you are feeling uncontrollably nervous about it.
You have butterflies in your stomach, your legs are turning to jelly, your palms are sweating or your mind goes blank when you are about to perform.

How can sophrology help?

I am going to help you prepare mentally for your event. Through a range of dynamic exercises and visualisations you are going to develop:
  • your ability to control your nerves and keep a clear head;
  • your motivation, concentration and memory;
  • your confidence;
  • your ability to think positively and deal with challenges.
Through practice you will regain your confidence and increase your performance.

A series of dynamic exercises and visualisations will help you perform confidently and at your best on the big day.