Audrey’s Story

Is it time to improve your self-care? If I did it, so can you

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It’s my mission to help you step into your own power and improve your health and wellbeing. I believe it’s totally possible to live with a chronic illness, chronic pain or fatigue and be happy and enjoy life to the full. With a little practice, small and easy steps every day, big transformation can occur.

Audrey Zannese

My Story

Let me share with you how I came to sophrology. And trust me, if you’re reading these lines, you’re ahead of the game compared to where I was.

I was recommended sophrology by a neurologist at the time I started treatment for MS, a condition I was diagnosed with during my PhD in biological sciences.


Being French, I had a vague idea of what sophrology was. When he suggested this to me, in my very cartesian and skeptical mind I wondered “how is this woo woo thing supposed to help me? Are you serious?”

You see at the time, I was not into complementary therapies at all, and even less into relaxation, meditation or yoga practices.

However, I wasn’t in a good place either. I was scared of…well, everything: how the condition was going to evolve, when the next relapse would be, would I end up in a wheelchair, how bad treatment’s side effects were going to be.

Basically I was desperate to try anything that could potentially help. And since it was advised by a neurologist I decided to give it a try.

Oh my…this has been the best decision of my life (and the best advice I ever had).

It absolutely transformed my life. To start, it helped me cope with the side effects of the treatment big time but that was just the start.  After a few weeks of practice I realised I felt a lot more positive, hopeful and confident about my life. I stopped worrying about the future and started to enjoy my life to the full, in a way I had never done before when I was “well and healthy”.

What I particularly liked about sophrology was how empowering it was. Among the chaos that the diagnosis had brought, here was something I could do for myself, on my own, anytime, anywhere. I came to realise that I had all the resources within myself to improve my wellbeing and live a happy life. I felt I was in control again.

This experience was transformational. I carried on with a very busy life until there came a point where naturally I realised I wanted sophrology to be an uncompromisable part of my life and that I needed to share with others what I learnt and help people in similar situations.

Why work with me?

I have been practicing sophrology for about 15 years. I have been through the upheavals and emotional rollercoaster of being diagnosed with a chronic illness and all of this happened while I was doing my PhD, so I can confidently say that I had my share of stress and overwhelm to deal with too!

When I started practicing sophrology I wasn’t expecting anything. I was skeptical and had zero experience in any meditative practice.

Please, hear me when I say if I did it, you can do it too.

I’ve helped many people just like you to overcome their fear and anxiety, manage their daily symptoms, their pain, avoid flare ups and regain confidence in themselves and their lives.

If you wonder what it’s like to work with me, here are a few experiences from people I’ve worked with:

"You were very kind, patient and open. You made me feel safe and not rushed throughout the sessions. I let go of my self conscious issues and just opened myself up to the experience because how you adapted and guided with no judgment."

Heather, Merseyside

"I would recommend sophrology to those who want to be more relaxed, less anxious and are seeking ways to cope with stressful times. Audrey is an empathetic and professional sophrologist and is clearly committed to using her time to help others."

James, Yorkshire

"Audrey is genuinely interested in the needs of the client. She listens very carefully and tailors her approach so that attention is paid to short term outcomes whilst the long term is considered too. Her approach is constructive. I feel I can speak quite freely, and she gently points out connections I may not have made."

Janet, co. Durham

"One thing I really liked about Sophrology is how you can pick and choose different exercises that work best for you. And how you can adapt them on how you feel on the day.
Audrey delivered the sessions at a very relaxed pace and she’s got a wonderfully soothing voice."

Jayne, Yorkshire

"Audrey is lovely and explains the exercises and techniques really well, she has a very calming voice and reassuring demeanour."

Brenda, Yorskhire

"Sophrology enables you to learn simple exercises which can alleviate anxiety immediately. The exercises are tailored to your needs and most can be carried out anywhere; you just need to find a few minutes and a little space."

Janet, co. Durham

I am less anxious and feeling more confident. Through Audrey’s gentle, structured approach I have learned exercises that re-establish positive outlook and reduce anxiety. Audrey is completely professional and the sessions are fun to do; she makes Sophrology very accessible!

Janet, co Durham

Stress and Anxiety / Confidence

I absolutely love teaching and practicing sophrology.

I will always try to make the exercises as accessible and as relevant to your needs as possible. I also take a no nonsense approach. By this I mean that I talk the talk and I walk the walk.  So I’ll encourage you to step into your path to wellbeing.

Before we start working together you need to know two things:

  • 1
    Sophrology is not a cure and it will never replace a medical treatment. It’s not about getting rid of the illness or the pain but learning to live with it in a happy and positive way. It may sound crazy, but it is possible.
  • 2
    Sophrology is not a magic wand. You usually get out as much as you put in. It really starts to kick in when you practice on a regular basis. Think about getting fit. You know it’s not going to happen if you go to the gym only once a month. I can offer no guarantee of results. The work will depend on you.

Working with me will help you deeply understand that self-care is paramount and start putting in place a wellbeing routine that will give you much more clarity, energy and pleasure in your day to day life.

My question to you is this:

Are you ready to feel better?