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About Sophrology

Your Path to Wellbeing

What Sophrology is

Sophrology is a method based on:
- gentle body movements;
- breathing exercises;
- concentration and visualisation techniques.

Sophrology suits EVERYONE, regardless of your health condition, physical or emotional state.
It is a SIMPLE yet EFFECTIVE method, which is also FLEXIBLE and ADAPTABLE.
All exercises will be TAILORED to YOUR specific NEEDS.


The AIM of sophrology is to restore HARMONY between BODY and MIND.

By increasing your body awareness, removing self-judgement and focusing on positive action you will LEARN HOW TO:

- remain clear-headed and calm under pressure;
- refill your energy levels;
- increase your performance, concentration and focus;
- unlock your true potential

You will feel EMPOWERED and take control of your own WELLBEING.
You will live your LIFE to its fullest.



It comes from the Greek SOS (harmony), PHREN (consciousness) and LOGOS (study).

Sophrology = the study of consciousness in harmony.

Sophrology was developed by the neuro-psychiatrist Professor Alfonso Caycedo in the 1960s. It is inspired by:

- Western techniques such as Jacobson progressive relaxation, Schultz autogenic training, phenomenology and hypnotherapy;

- Eastern techniques such as Yoga, Buddhist meditation and Japanese zen.

What Sophrology is not

Sophrology is NOT a magic wand.

Let’s be clear about this: you will get out as much as you put in.

Sophrology is a discipline, a philosophy and a way of life.
It requires an open mind and most importantly it requires PRACTICE.

Are you ready to step into wellbeing?

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