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A few words on my journey


Audrey Zannese - Step Into Sophrology

If I were you I’d like to know more about this person who claims she can help you with this new mind-body practice called sophrology.

I’ve started in the field of biology and ecology, wanting to save endangered species. 

But I was diagnosed with MS during my PhD. At the time of starting the treatment, I was consumed by fear. I was already anxious by nature, with a natural tendency to envisage the worst case scenarios.  My anxiety levels were now rocketing sky high. 

I started the treatment in France and a neurologist recommended sophrology to me.

Being French, I had a vague idea of what it was, because sophrology is as popular in France as mindfulness is in the UK. Yet, I was also a quantitative scientist in training, not familiar with mind-body practices, and actually quite appalled he would suggest such a woo woo thing to me. 

But I was feeling so scared, lost, out of control, not knowing what was going to happen. So I decided to give it a try.

It absolutely transformed my life. It helped me feel back in control, regulate my internal state, modulate side effects and avoid relapses. With regular practice I felt happy in a way I never had done before and more confident in myself and in life. 

I successfully completed my PhD, I even completed a postdoc but my journey led me to train in sophrology and to teach it to others in need of taking back control of their lives. 


How I work


My approach is to provide a safe space for you to learn and experiment with new tools and skills to help you make substantial changes in your life.

I like to say that regular short practices can have lasting big impacts on our lives.

My focus is not on fixing you but on helping you uncover and strengthen your own resources and capacities so that you can respond to life challenges in a much more resilient, flexible and positive way. I’m not concerned with the why, like a therapist might be, but with the how.

I offer a structured pathway where I’ll first teach you techniques to gently reconnect with your body and successfully regulate your internal state to help you feel calmer and preserve your energy levels. We’ll then move onto developing a positive mindset and emotional resilience so that you don’t feel so low anymore and start feeling hopeful and optimistic about life. Ultimately the repetition of the practice will help you feel more in control and you’ll discover a new way of living and enjoying your life. 

Audrey Zannese - sophrology and multiple sclerosis

If you wonder what it’s like to work with me, here are a few experiences from people I’ve worked with:

"You were very kind, patient and open. You made me feel safe and not rushed throughout the sessions. I let go of my self conscious issues and just opened myself up to the experience because how you adapted and guided with no judgment."

Heather, Merseyside

"I would recommend sophrology to those who want to be more relaxed, less anxious and are seeking ways to cope with stressful times. Audrey is an empathetic and professional sophrologist and is clearly committed to using her time to help others."

James, Yorkshire

"Audrey is genuinely interested in the needs of the client. She listens very carefully and tailors her approach so that attention is paid to short term outcomes whilst the long term is considered too. Her approach is constructive. I feel I can speak quite freely, and she gently points out connections I may not have made."

Janet, co. Durham

"One thing I really liked about Sophrology is how you can pick and choose different exercises that work best for you. And how you can adapt them on how you feel on the day.
Audrey delivered the sessions at a very relaxed pace and she’s got a wonderfully soothing voice."

Jayne, Yorkshire

"Audrey is lovely and explains the exercises and techniques really well, she has a very calming voice and reassuring demeanour."

Brenda, Yorskhire

"Sophrology enables you to learn simple exercises which can alleviate anxiety immediately. The exercises are tailored to your needs and most can be carried out anywhere; you just need to find a few minutes and a little space."

Janet, co. Durham

I am less anxious and feeling more confident. Through Audrey’s gentle, structured approach I have learned exercises that re-establish positive outlook and reduce anxiety. Audrey is completely professional and the sessions are fun to do; she makes Sophrology very accessible!

Janet, co Durham

Stress and Anxiety / Confidence

A little bit more about me

I volunteered for several years at the Sir Robert Ogden MacMillan Centre supporting cancer patients and carers. I offer free online sessions for carers every year during Carers Week.

I've delivered an 8-week pain management intervention in a randomised controlled trial led by Charlotte Chatfield and supervised by Professor Caroline Lafarge from the University of West London which found that sophrology had a positive impact on pain management.

I'm so passionate about teaching sophrology that I'm Education Director at The Sophrology Academy, training the next generation of sophrologists.

And I'm a member of the International Sophrology Federation. As an ISF member, I offer every year a free online session to support World Values Day.

It turns out sophrology is not a woo-woo method. It blends into one single structured method many different modalities which all have been scientifically proven to benefit health and wellbeing such as progressive muscle relaxation, autogenic training, breathing, mindfulness, guided imagery, movement meditation, etc...

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