I help women recently diagnosed with a chronic illness to overcome their fear and anxiety and take back control of their body and health. I do this by teaching them a simple but powerful body-mind technique called sophrology.

Recently diagnosed with a chronic illness?

Have you been diagnosed with a chronic illness such as MS, fibromyalgia or cancer? Are you afraid about what this means for you and your future?

Reconnect with who you are and live a full and happy life

Do you feel overwhelmed by the simplest task? Do you feel irritable and exhausted despite loving what you do? Do you fear you are reaching burn out?

Stress and anxiety expert helping you avoid flare ups and improve your wellbeing

“I suffered from anxiety, depression and insomnia. Practicing sophrology enhanced my ability to relax. I had a better perspective on my problems and thoughts. I was able to reconnect with my body and be more present instead of feeling stressed about the future. Taking the time to focus on your body and living in the present moment allows you to cope better with the toxic thoughts that took over my life. I would recommend sophrology to those who want to be more relaxed, less anxious and are seeking ways to cope with stressful times. Audrey is an empathetic and professional sophrologist and is clearly committed to using her time to help others.”

James, Yorkshire

“I’ve just completed a course to help with my sleep problems with Audrey. In the few weeks I saw Audrey my sleep has much improved through exercises she showed me and ways to recognise stress and how to counter this with breathing and mindfulness. I would definitely recommend Audrey. “

Jan, Yorkshire

“I felt more energetic, less tired, less overwhelmed, more able to focus and to balance my work and non-work activities. I was able to sleep better at night and I was generally happier.”

Alex, Yorkshire

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Chronic condition

When you are diagnosed with a chronic condition you can feel like your world has been turned upside down. And once you have come to terms with the diagnosis, living with a chronic condition can be a challenge.
However there are simple steps your can take to manage stress and pain, be more positive, regain confidence and ultimately enjoy your life.

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Stress / Burn out

Burn out happens when high levels of stress have been sustained for too long. One day you collapse and despite all your will to carry on, you just can’t. This is frightening. Look for the signs you may be reaching burn out and implement the right changes to avoid crossing the line.