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Powerful body-mind techniques for people living with a chronic illness, pain and fatigue.

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I'm an anxiety and pain management expert.

Mostly, I help women living with a chronic illness, fatigue or chronic pain to take back control of their body and health. I teach them how to reduce their stress and anxiety to avoid flare ups and improve their mental and emotional wellbeing so they can live a happier life.

I do this by teaching them a simple but powerful body-mind technique called sophrology. It's really adaptable and flexible and can easily be implemented into day to day life.

Whether you’ve been recently diagnosed with a long-term condition and are feeling scared and lost or whether you’re looking for a holistic and natural way to manage the condition and energy levels on your day to day life I can help.

I will help you regain the balance, energy and confidence you need to live a healthier and happier life and feel again in control of your body and health. 


  • Combines Western relaxation techniques with Eastern meditative practices
  • Includes gentle body movements, breathing, concentration and visualisation exercises
  • Is accessible, easy to use and doesn’t take much time
  • Is adaptable to suit most physical conditions
  • Restores harmony between body and mind
  • Helps you regain serenity and inner calm
  • Is powerful and transformative.

In a few words, sophrology is a dynamic and meditative method that will help you get a clear and positive mindset into a relaxed and balanced body.


Are you ready to feel better?

My Client’s Success Stories!

I feel I’ve become a better version of myself. I feel empowered and that’s it’s OK to take ownership of my health. There are things in my control that I can do to feel better or have a positive effect. When I was hit through the intervention by a major personal upset, without realising, I put into practice the information and techniques you shared and taught me. It minimised the stress flare up and let me feel at peace despite the turmoil of the situation. I have grown as a person and it was nice to discover a strength in myself.
Practicing Sophrology has allowed me to reduce pain medications and reduce side effects from others. It has also helped my brain fog moments and I feel much more switched on and aware.

Heather, Merseyside

Chronic illness / Pain management

I’ve just completed a course to help with my sleep problems with Audrey. In the few weeks I saw Audrey my sleep has much improved through exercises she showed me and ways to recognise stress and how to counter this with breathing and mindfulness. I would definitely recommend Audrey.

Jan, Yorkshire

Stress and Anxiety / Sleep

I just woke up from a deep relaxing sleep and had to thank you for that deep sleep. I was finally able to relax myself enough to visualize somewhere I would rather be and it was definitely a beautiful experience. I really appreciated your course and sophrology is truly an incredible thing to embrace.

Macy Jo, USA

Chronic illness / Pain management

I suffered from anxiety, depression and insomnia. Practicing sophrology enhanced my ability to relax. I had a better perspective on my problems and thoughts. I was able to reconnect with my body and be more present instead of feeling stressed about the future. Taking the time to focus on your body and living in the present moment allows you to cope better with the toxic thoughts that took over my life.

James, Yorkshire

Stress and Anxiety / Sleep

This course reminded me how important it is to take time to focus on myself and acknowledge how I’m feeling. I realised how ‘tense’ my body is and how it exacerbates my pain levels. Learning tools to relax some of those tensions was really useful on bad pain days and helped me cope.
When I joined, I felt hopeless as I can’t take real pain medication. I felt stuck, like it was going to be like this forever and I was powerless. Sophrology taught me ways to improve my mood and manage my pain better.

Jayne, Yorkshire

Chronic illness / Pain management

I was close to burn out when I contacted Audrey! Not only she answered my voicemail within the hour but also she was able to provide me the very next morning with my first sophrology session. Sophrology gave me tools to start relaxing! It was great reassurance to feel supported straight away. Since I am practising the daily exercises which help me focus and calm down.

Celimen, Nottinghamshire

Stress and Anxiety

I am less anxious and feeling more confident. Through Audrey’s gentle, structured approach I have learned exercises that re-establish positive outlook and reduce anxiety. Audrey is completely professional and the sessions are fun to do; she makes Sophrology very accessible!

Janet, co Durham

Stress and Anxiety / Confidence
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