Manage chronic fatigue and take back control of your life

With an expert mind-body therapist

You’re here because you feel frustrated, overwhelmed and exhausted

  • You used to be a capable, driven and ambitious professional juggling a successful career and an active social life but then you started to feel more tired than usual.
  • At first, you brushed it off as stress from work and your poor sleep but as weeks went by fatigue became overwhelming.
  • Then you experienced a major stressful event, a breakup, the death of a loved one or you lost your job. Perhaps you got an infection like the flu, glandular fever or Covid and it tipped you over the edge. It was never the same again.
  • You experienced bouts of fatigue where it was like a switch being turned off and you had no energy at all. You knew it was much more than tiredness and you started seeking medical help. 
  • Each time you felt better you threw yourself back into life only to fall off a cliff again. Each time it got worse and took longer to recover. You also started to experience muscle aches, headaches and digestive issues.
  • The only way to cope has been to limit your lifestyle and let go of the activities you enjoyed doing like socialising with your friends. 

You think you suffer with chronic fatigue or you've finally been diagnosed with a fatigue-related condition and you’re not sure how to deal with it.

woman who is sad and fatigued

You feel low, misunderstood and lonely

Woman who is exhausted and unwell with fatigue
  • You know there is something wrong even if all medical tests are coming back normal
  • You feel ashamed of being perceived as weak or lazy when you know you're very capable
  • You feel guilty of letting people down 
  • You're looking into alternative solutions to improve your energy levels
  • You’re making lifestyle changes like stopping caffeine and alcohol, taking up on yoga or even seen a therapist but you’re frustrated because you keep crashing and feel you’re back to square one
  • You've started to read or listen to podcast about anxiety, trauma, nervous system regulation, etc... you're wondering about these concepts but it's overwhelming
  • What you'd like is a pragmatic solution to help you practically manage fatigue so that you’re capable of functioning more normally in your daily life
  • You want techniques that are not requiring too much time, effort or energy, that you can use on your own, anywhere in any situation
  • You're ready to give yourself the time and space to learn these techniques and you like the idea of being guided through a step-by-step process

You can learn simple techniques, easy to incorporate in daily life, requiring little time and energy but which are very effective when practiced on a regular basis. Something you can do. yourself and you can stick to. You can experience a new way of living and enjoying your life. 

Imagine waking up feeling hopeful and capable of managing your energy levels

Imagine feeling back in control of your life

  • What a relief it would be to have simple tools at your disposal so that you can manage your energy levels
  • Imagine being capable of doing more of what you love because you’re more tuned it
  • You’re able to respond to your needs and respect your boundaries
  • You feel a lot less anxious and have what you need to manage your stress and emotions
  • You feel more switched on when you start your day
  • You’re back in the driver seat of your life
  • You’ve found new confidence, feel empowered and are living your life in a more conscious and purposeful way
  • You have more energy to spend on what really matters to you, your career and your family
  • You experience a new sense of wholeness, balance and peace within yourself
  • You feel thrilled that you’ve embarked on a journey of self-discovery and healing and  you feel optimistic that the positive shifts will continue.
  • You feel empowered  and uplifted about your life and the future
Happy woman who has overcome burnout

What They Say

Audrey Zannese - chronic fatigue management and chronic pain management

I can help you

Hello, my name is Audrey Zannese, mind-body therapist at Step Into Sophrology

I specialise in helping ambitious and driven professionals to successfully manage chronic fatigue and pain with a structured mind-body training. I'll help you get back into the driver’s seat of your life.

You’ve probably tried different approaches before: nutrition, yoga, reiki… but you feel something is missing and life still hasn’t shifted. You have little hope left and getting help is a big decision. I understand, I've been there.

My life completely transformed after I started a mind-body practice on the recommendation of a French neurologist. Since then, I've learnt how to successfully manage my health and energy levels with MS.  Not only that, I've also worked with many persons like you, battling with chronic fatigue, and helped them successfully transform their lives.

If transformation was possible for me and them, it is possible for you too.

It's time to believe in yourself.

Book your free consultation to learn how I can help you take back control of your life.

I'm based in Leeds, West Yorkshire but I offer sessions online via Zoom, allowing you to get treatment from anywhere in the world.

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