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What to expect during a session

A sophrology session lasts between 45 minutes to one hour. I will explain and demonstrate the exercises during the session before guiding you through them.

Sophrology is usually practiced sitting or standing with your eyes closed. It can also be practiced lying down or with your eyes open if you feel uncomfortable.

At the end of the session I will invite you to discuss what you experienced if you are happy to share it.

We will discuss how to practice the exercises on your own and you will get an audio recording of the session to aid your personal training.

Sophrology benefits most people, but every individual is unique and responds differently. As such I do not offer a guarantee of results.

Workshops (limited to 10 people)

If you are interested in joining a workshop please contact me.

Group sessions - 6-week course

I also offer 6-week group sessions (1 hour per week) around the thematic of wellbeing, stress management, sleep and event preparation. If you are interested in joining a group session, please contact me.
Payment required at time of booking.